I Got A List Of Demands Written On The Palm Of My Hands

I Ball My Fist And You're Gonna Know Where I Stand

Friends Only

Eh, been thinking about it a while.

If you notice that we have several things in common drop me a comment and I'll add you.

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Hello! You seem pretty neat and we've got a few interests in common (Berserk, BSG, ROME, etc.), do you mind if I add you?

Yeah sure. :D I'll try to be interesting for the sake of a fellow Rome fan.

Hey can I add you?

I think I heard that you're a fan of The Wire??

Why sure. I just post on ONTD now. >_> But I am always looking for people who love The Wire.


I've been trying to look around for icons/fanfiction of The Wire and found the icon comm where you gave some caps (thanks! You helped make some great icons!) :D

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